A Song of Leaves

One from four leaves three

Thirty  days leave

Absent without leave

Always leave them wanting more

Annual leave

Beg your leave

Coca leaves

Don’t leave

Don’t leave me here by myself

Given leave to speak

Go away and leave me alone

Just leave


Leave ‘em hanging

Leave a little

Leave a lot

Leave a lot of money on the table

Leave behind

Leave home

Leave it

Leave it all to charity

Leave it alone

Leave it at that

Leave it at the front desk

Leave it be

Leave it behind

Leave it in

Leave it out

Leave it there

Leave it to Beaver

Leave it to me

Leave me be

Leave me to it

Leave your job

Leave no trace

Leave of absence

Leave off

Leave only tracks

Leave room for that

Leave school

Leave some space

Leave the building

Leave the door open

Leave the motor running

Leave the phone off the hook

Leave the room

Leave us

Leave well enough alone

Leave your gift on the table

Leave your lover

Leave your shoes at the door

Leaves a lot to be desired

Leaves a lot to the imagination

Leaves are falling

Leaves little to the imagination

Leaves me wondering

Leaves of gold

Love ‘em and leave ‘em

Maple leaves

Maternity leave

Medical leave

Mulberry leaves

Oak leaves

Paid leave

Paternity leave

Rake the leaves

Take leave of your senses

Take my leave

Take what you need and leave the rest

That’s going to leave a mark

Two weeks leave

Unpaid leave

You can leave the light on


2 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. I loved it. Sent my mind leaping in all directions. Seems very original. Yep that was fun and thought provoking. Think I’ll follow you for awhile.


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