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OLWG#163- Join the Navy, Sail to Far Off Distant Ports, Meet Passionate Oriental Beauties…

This piece was written for OLWG#163

“If you don’t sign the papers they won’t let me go. I gotta have parental consent.” He pleaded.

“I dunno, Jeffy.” She shook her head back and forth. She looked at her son, next to her; she looked at the sailor, on the opposite side of the desk, where her gaze came to rest.  She pointed at him…

“Can you keep him out of the war zone?” she asked.

The recruiter raised his hands, palms up and shrugged his shoulders, “That’ll be his call after you sign the papers, Mom.”

She turned towards her son, “Are you sure this is what you want, Jeffy?”

He nodded his head eagerly.

Mom looked back at the recruiter and held out her hand, “Give me your goddamn pen.”

The prompts were:

  1. let me go
  2. a cul de sac
  3. The way things sometimes are

OLWG · writing

OLWG#162- The Ancient Gallery

This piece was written for OLWG#162

Paintings of Pharaohs
Statues of Kings
Bas Relief images of heroes and queens
Carvings of battles,
Commandments and creeds
Depictions of hunts – elephants and steeds

Ladies in waiting
Knights strong and brave
Sun Gods and dragons
Who live in a cave
Ships and explorers,
Now long in their graves

Forests primeval
Seashores and moor
To enter the gallery
Pass through a steel door
That protects all the relics and bones kept inside
You can run from your past but you never can hide

The prompts were:

  1. the ancient gallery
  2. When life and dreams collide
  3. the busker’s patter