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OLWG#164- Marge Considers a Career Change

This piece was written for OLWG#164

Marge reached into the dryer and pulled out a couple of handfuls of bills. Her job today was to shop small stores around town, buy small things and pay for them with a twenty. Then she was supposed to bring back the change to Carlos. It wasn’t a bad job. The risk was relatively low. The money wasn’t bad. She didn’t think she’d ever get rich doing it. Carlos paid a percentage on what you brought him back at the end of the day. Carlos had about 50 shoppers working for him every day. Carlos was getting some serious paper. Marge was only getting large.

She had found that the easiest things to buy, where the cash tendered was not too heavily scrutinized, were foods from fast food restaurants and other kinds of takeout places. She would stop at Blake’s and buy a burger for $3.75. Pay for it with a fake twenty, eat the burger, because Carlos didn’t want it, and get $16.25 back in legal tender that she would take to Carlos at the end of the day.

Ice cream cones were even better. Two dollars and seventy-nine cents would buy a single scoop in a sugar cone. That would net her $17.21 in change. Someone had to eat the ice cream though and Marge was fond of the ‘Pralines and Cream’ flavour.

Taquerias, were good places to shop. Mini-Marts (either stand alone or incorporated with gas stations) worked well if you wanted to buy potato crisps or candy bars. Pizza shops didn’t typically yield enough change to bother with, same with buying beer or other liquors. Sometimes Marge would stop and buy a box of nails, or a screwdriver at a local hardware store. She had a pretty good collection of #2 cross tip drivers at home.

Marge had put on almost thirty pounds in the first four months that she had worked for Carlos. She knew she couldn’t stay in this line of work for very long. She needed to find a way to print money on her own.

The prompts were:

  1. counterfeit twenty dollar bills
  2. soft and low
  3. written in books