Daily Prompt; Planet

Daily Prompt; Planet

There’s a planet, Renee, tucked away – at the verge of the milky way.

It outshines the surrounding stars; trying, in vain, to summon her home.


I’ve been playing with American Sentences lately – too much fun!


OLWG #17 – American Sentences

OLWG #17

Naked, sweating, entwined, there are no secrets between us anymore.
I place pen to paper, I wait for inspiration; I wait, I wait.
Staring into your eyes across the table… Like looking at the sun…
What? Another ultimatum? Really? You like this game this much?

My Manuscript, Final Draft

My blood – You see it there between the lines? Does it add to the story?

It was written in a little less than 25 minutes total.

The prompt this week was:

  1. American sentences