OLWG #48 – Heavenly Bodies

Written for OLWG #48

Nell and Beatrice (call me Trixie) finished up their breakfasts and slid out of the orange and brown Naugahyde bench seats at the coffee shop.

“Thanks, Bernard!” Nell hollered back towards the kitchen and both ladies waved goodbye to the staff as they headed out the door. “I think that Bernard’s kinda cute,” she offered up by way of conversation.

“He mighta been cute before he put all those tattoos on his neck and such.” Bea replied, “He mighta been cute before he put all those earrings in his cheeks, eyebrows, chin, and tongue,” she went on, “but I certainly wouldn’t call him cute now!”

At the bus stop Nell added, “I bet he can still get it up though.”

Immediately Bea stretched her neck and looked around, “Hush Nellie, you don’t talk about things like that here, somebody could be listening!”

“I’m just sayin’.”

“Well just don’t, damnit.”

“Ohhhh, listen to you.” Nellie sang, “Language like that can get you thrown out of here too, ya know.”

“Shit,” Beatrice said and she giggled. Nell giggled too. The friends stood at the stop smiling and laughing at the joke between themselves until their coach arrived. They boarded and made their way to the back where other people weren’t. They were on their way to work. Nell closed her eyes to nap and Bea pulled out a Good Housekeeping magazine to occupy her time.

They got off the bus at about a quarter till nine and made their way to the warehouse where they changed into their work clothes. Nell couldn’t let it go, “Do you ever miss it, Trix?”

“Miss what?”

“You know… sex. Physical gratification? Scratchin’ that itch?” Nell looked at Beatrice who appeared dumbstruck and horrified by what she was hearing. “Do ya think they have sex in hell, Trixie? We damn sure don’t have it up here. Or do we? Maybe I’m just in the wrong part of Paradise? Ya think? I’ll tell you what I think. I think I still look pretty good for a woman who passed away in her fifties.” She studied her reflection and smoothed her work smock down past her hips.

They left the locker room and plucked time cards from their respective slots to punch in; nine o’clock on the dot. They headed towards the factory where Nell tied loops to the stars as they rolled off the production line. Trix’s job was Quality Control. She’d take a look at the finished products and tuck a little tag in the package: “Inspected by No. 17” it would say.

Nell tried to pick up the conversation but Trixie wouldn’t let her, “Best not to even be thinkin’ about such things.” she said and they continued their walk in silence until a voice rang out from behind them.

“’Scuse me, Ladies, I beg yore pa’don.”

The girls turned around to find a slim middle aged man had just entered the hallway behind them. In unison, both Bea and Nellie asked, “Us?” as they pointed at themselves.

“Yes ma’ams, I do mean y’all. I’m new here and I’ve gotten turned around some. Ah’m tryin’ to find my way to the work-floor. Kin y’all point me in the right direction?”

“We’re going there now,” Bea said.

“Come on then, you can walk with us; we’ll show you the way.” Nell added.

He hurried to catch up. He shook hands with Beatrice, “Nigel Parsons, ma’am. From Fort Worth.”

“Nice to meet you, Nigel, this is my friend Nell.”

He took Nell’s hand and perhaps held it for a little longer than was necessary, “Ah’m most pleased to make yore acquaintance Miss Nell.”

“Oh,” she replied and fanned herself with her free hand. Bea had never seen Nellie at a loss for words before.

Nigel finally released Nell’s hand. He said, “I unnerstan’ that quittin’ time’s ‘bout five-thirty. Would y’all ladies be free to join me for a drink afta work?”

“Unfortunately, I won’t be available,” Trixie replied, “but Nell’s available. Aren’t you Nellie?”

“Why, yes. Yes I am. That would be delightful, Mr. Parsons. Thank you.”

He slid between the two friends and brushed Nell’s back with his finger tips. “Please, call me Nigel. Mr. Parsons was my daddy’s name.” He grinned and Nell tittered.

As they passed a door Beatrice pulled up, “I just remembered, I have to stop in here and clear up some things for my Supervisor. You guys go on without me.”

Nell looked back over her shoulder in time to see Trixie mouth “Be careful what you wish for Nellie. Be careful.”

Nell frowned and turned back as Nigel continued, “They tole me Ahd be workin’ in the bizness o’ manufactrin’ heavenly bodies, but I didn’t realize Ahd get ta meet one on my furst day o’ work.” Behind the couple, Trix shook her head. The man droned on, “Perhaps, after a drink, you could join me fo’ dinner? Do you enjoy games? I play a mean game o’ tiddlywinks.”

“Oh, Nigel,” Nell said and she looked back with concern at her friend who was pushing open the door of the Quality office.

This week, the prompts were:

  1. Hanging stars
  2. a ladies’ man from Texas
  3. tiddlywinks

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