Chaotic Motion

A short piece written for this challenge – Thank you Peter

The shooter aimed his weapon from a thousand yards away.

At the bottom of his exhale he pulled the trigger back and held it, waiting to see the impact through the scope.

It was a shot he had made a thousand times before. He’d never missed until today.

Three weeks earlier and half the world away, a butterfly flapped her wings

Daily Prompt · writing

Daily Prompt; Chaos

Daily Prompt; Chaos

Ahhh, the butterfly effect
What would the outcome have been
had there been a tiny bit of breeze?

What might they have solved by,
rounding up instead of
down? Or even, not rounding at all?

What could have occurred if
she had not gone back inside
to turn off the light?

If he had worn the Hawaiian shirt?
If the car had started the first time?
If the cat hadn’t been watching the bird

when the lizard ran by?

Long term prediction is a dream,
a myth.