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Catch the Winter Sun

Chimera 66 #17


The blue glass dolphin pondered the enigma that lay below. He wondered who would polish him now. The old woman always had.

The folding chair lay on it’s side, the woman next to it. She hadn’t moved for days.

He remembered when she brought him home all those years ago. How she  smiled and turned him to catch the winter sun from high atop this shelf.

Yea! Thanks.

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Hell Hath No Fury


GrammarGhoulPress – Chimera 66 #15


Angelina grabbed the pan and hurled it at Enrique, Her blood was boiling. “You shit,” she yelled, “You ass! She’s my sister!”

He ducked. The neatly dodged pan hit the wall before clattering to the floor. “Sorry, mio caro, but she looks like you. I was thinking of you.”

He glanced at the mess, “Il mio Tesoro, was that my frittata?”

Angelina picked up a knife.



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Grandma’s Radius

Chimera 66 #14


Grandpa hovered around Grandma like a bee ’round a flower – protective.

“Well, you shouldn’t have been trying to drive anyway.” he said, “That starter crank can kick back, something fierce.”

Her right arm was broken. That’s all there was to it. She pouted and pursed her lips.

“Doc said it’ll heal up in three months or so. We’ll get somebody in to see to the housework.”


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Mid Life Crisis

Chimera 66 #13


Karl awoke that morning with the usual feeling of dread,
Angst was how he defined it
He pulled the blanket over his head.

He melted into his pillow allowing misgivings to grow.
Assuming the entire burden,
the weight of all the worlds woe.

His unease was indefinable
But he knew what he must do.

Go out and find a new girlfriend.
A new Harley Davidson too.


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Fresh Air

Chimera 66 #10

My sister didn’t want to go to school that day. Feigning a fever, she sought sympathy from Mama, who was not easily fooled.

“Let’s check your temperature.”

Shaking the thermometer down; the bulb inadvertently tapped against the porcelain countertop.


Droplets of liquid metal, suddenly freed, scurried like quicksilver across the tiles;




Then, they congregated in the grout lines. They pooled back together.

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Chimera 66 #9

“I believe you’ve spelled it wrong,” said the diner.

“No, see; it’s spelled out right there. Clear as day,” replied Destini, their server, pointing her pencil.

The diner was insistent, “You’ve either spelled it wrong or – I don’t want to eat here. What’s in it?”

“Just garbanzo beans, tahini, and lemon juice with roasted red peppers and basil, real healthy. ‘Course it comes with pita chips.”


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Moon Worshipers

Chimera 66 #8

Crow moon lifts his head from the eastern horizon. His favorite wives, Jupiter and Regulus, are already awake – lighting his path. Spring is nigh.

The rest of his harem; wives and concubines alike, will wake soon. Collectively they will dance, with wild abandon, across the night sky; casting their pale light upon the Malpais.

Melissa and Letty sit on the warm car and raise their glasses.

Second place!!


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Better Safe Than Sorry

“But Father, it’s awkward,” said the princess to the king.
“I know Princess, but it’s ‘til you turn sixteen.”

“I’ve been looking, at the others, scattered through the land.
am I the only girl with a thimble?
On each finger of my hands?”

“Settle down now darling.
Don’t get overwrought.
There was talk about a curse but it is prob’ly all for naught.”

“Or not!”