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OLWG#81- Shadow Children

Free verse, loosely inspired by and written for OLWG#81

the old man sits in the window, warm with the fire,

and stares into the yard,

the yard that Martha tended,

shadow children play chase in the weeds

‘midst brown leafless shrubbery.

the brick path, laid so many years ago,

now covered with a thick blanket of brown and golden leaves

stirring slightly in the breeze.

I really must tend the garden, he says aloud, and

turns back to the task at hand.


the task at hand is, of course, sculpting drums

sculpting ceramic drums

it’s how he fills his days since Martha and the children passed.

build them and skin them

with drumheads of Afghani goat hide

decorate them using bright greens, blues, and Merlot coloured glaze

hang Tibetan prayer beads on, and always

watch the shadow children scamper among the weeds.


This week’s prompts were:

  1. ceramic drums
  2. a bee in your bonnet
  3. shadow children

OLWG · writing

OLWG#80- The Good Guys

A short bit of dialogue, written for OLWG#80

You know how it is, Annie. Sometimes you just want to give up. Say ‘Screw this’ and throw in the towel. Wanna beer?

Yeah, Ron; I do know how that is, and a beer would be good, thanks.

I just can’t seem to find the right woman. I can’t find that fabulous woman. I find all the women with problems. Psycho ex-boyfriends, a houseful of kids, or worse – I find the ones who are just looking for money. I don’t have any money! They never hang around very long.

I’m not looking for money. I don’t have any kids or psycho ex-boyfriends. I’ve only really been in love once.

How long have we been friends?

Since we were both five years old, your parents bought the house next door.

I wish I could find a girl like you.

You have. You just can’t see her.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. fabulous
  2. the good guys
  3. Sometimes you just…


Winter – In the Places I Live

Photo Challenge: Dialogue



Nikon CoolPix L20 f/4.8 1/76 sec
Winter – Santa Cruz
Nikon CoolPix L20, f/5.5 1/402 sec
Winter – Lincoln County