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It Doesn’t Have to be a Zero Sum Game

Blogging U.

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned,
Other times they do.
It oft depends who penned the book,
Was it me? Or was it you?
Should I emerge on top
If I take home the win
Then it must have been my book of plans
They read when we began.

Alas, if I don’t make it,
If I’m hurt or maimed or killed,
Should an itchy rash consume me
Or I’m saddled with the bill
If I’m trampled by wild horses
Or I do not win her heart
If you’re VP at Microsoft
And I work at Quickie Mart,

Then obviously it was your map
The angels chose to read
Without a doubt they followed yours
And mine they didn’t heed.
But, if no one’s going hungry
And if the bad guys always lose
If every time your mother phones
She gives nothing but good news

Then the menu that they’re reading from
Must be one I wrote for me
It means they’ve paid attention and they
Listened to my plea.
We can order from that menu
We can order what we please
Order flavours that we savour
Order cakes or pies or cheese.

And we can share amongst ourselves
The dishes that we choose
That way we all come out ahead
And no one has to lose.