All she ever wanted was to give
birth. She’d longed for a
child to remind her of
Diego. With his high cheekbones, square jaw,
eyes of the deepest blue, and his
feet splayed ever so slightly. What she
got was a girl. A perfect girl, a girl with coal black
hair and a smile so bright that it
inspired the sun.
Just so. The child was named
Never will this child accept less than fair,
or less than
perfect. She never
quarrels. She chooses debate, and is
regal in her bearing and comport.
Soft, yet
Unassuming and unpretentious, Kim’s
veracity may someday be her undoing, despite
what her mother might think. The product of a
xenogamous love affair. Her mother’s 
yearning to be with someone or something else; Kim was
zapped into being, against all odds.

Short Verse of No Particular Denomination

Written for Ms Rose’ In Person Prompt Event

Lisa rested her hands in her lap and pondered spending her winnings.


Marty tried to see beyond the darkness. It’s just a tunnel, he thought, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Then he remembered the clown. Why is there always a clown?


“I’d like a pizza dog and an Orange Julius, to take away,” Donna ordered politely.

“This isn’t Orange Julius,” the spotted high schooler informed her, “this is Orange Delight. Orange Julius is in the Eastside Mall.”

“Can I get a pizza dog and an Orange Delight, then?” Donna countered.

“Well you can get an Orange Delight, but you’ll probably be disappointed. It’s nothing like an orange Julius, and we don’t have a pizza dog, but we have sauerkraut.” The kid paused and stared; waiting for Donna to consider her options.


Billy marched across the stage and plucked the proffered diploma from the chancellor’s hand. This is it then, he thought. What the fuck am I going to do now?

The prompts were:

orange delight; Mona Lisa; tunnel; wide open universe

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