Run out for a bite.

Run for office.

Run a risk of getting hurt.

Run the gauntlet.

Run around (with Sue).

Run it up a flagpole.

Run another test.

Run along now.

It’s none of my business how you run this place.



42 for 176

The Moonshine Gargleblaster


Mechanics, punctuation, verb tenses, and the like

I used to think I couldn’t allow these, to intrude on my story.

I’ve since come to realize that without proper attention to these

No one reads what I write.

So what’s a dangling participle?


Gargleblaster #169: Gargleblaster

“Drink this,” I said,” but be careful. Never get cavalier with a gargleblaster.”

She held it to the light, downed it, and wiped her sleeve across her mouth, “Damn,” she said salaciously, “I don’t care about this though, something doesn’t add up.”


 Gazing into your eyes is like looking at the sun.
We stare at the distant stars forever and never glimpse their awesome power.
Yet, we peer only briefly at our star. The light too warm, intense, focused, beautiful.
Your eyes are blinding.

The Inaugural Gargleblaster Challenge: Answer the question in 42 words.

What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?