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Not Quite Ready for “Freshly Pressed”

I keep coming back, hoping.

Some mornings I’m holding my breath

in anticipation.

Usually, I leave disappointed.

I find stories about important things, to be sure.

Stories about Racism, Feminism, Rape, and Harassment, to name a few.

Often, horrible things.

Topics that indeed warrant discussion,


 Stories about illness,

physical sometimes, but seemingly more often mental.

Stories about loss,

Struggles. Open letters.

Tutorials on how to be a man or a mom. Memorials for recently passed celebrities.





I would welcome the addition of more warm prose!


“Feel good” verse strewn about the grid like the freckles

scattered across a red-headed kid’s nose

 The writing is always superb

The voice is most often eloquent

The subject matter – too frequently:

earnest, deep, somber, grave

 I do not mean to marginalize your cause

That is not my intent.

I seek a more balanced diet of ideas

I seek art without an agenda.

Sometimes, I just want to smile,

is that too much to ask?

Something to read that leaves me with a light in my eye,

A spring in my step.


I’m gonna climb down off my soapbox now

I’ve pulled on your coat enough here.