At Least Twice

Blogging U.Limericks are supposed to be bawdy and risqué right?

When Aaron and Brittany drank wine

They would write dirty limericks that rhymed

They would tell dirty jokes and

Smoke up all their smokes

And then ruin their friendship, each time.

Light and Shade: Two Tries

Light and Shade Challenge 04.July.2014

To make up for last week – I worked to get two pieces in one post while still remaining within the prescribed word count limit!


Measure This

I was tasked by my masters to find,
Tools to measure the passage of time,
I tried the tape first
But, they yelled and they cursed;
Though the clock I presented was fine.

tapeImage courtesy of


Do You Think?

Look at her, she’s beautiful today.

Has she changed her hair? New dress maybe?

I don’t think so… I don’t know. She just looks-
prettier somehow.
She’s positively glowing!

Did you see that? Did you see? She touched her belly. Do you think?