The days are long now. Made for working hard,
and playing hard. This is your time.

The nights are warm. Perfect for soft tee shirts,
and flowered cotton dresses.
Barbeques and industrious pastimes.
Build something. Line your nest. Tell Lorraine how you really feel.
Listen to her, learn from her. She is wiser than you.

Now is the time – your time, her time.
Spend it together.


It’s cold
Huddle with your loved ones when you can.
Share warmth but take care not to stifle

Watch through the kitchen window
as the snow falls gently, silently in the garden –
Breathe deep over your cup and remember Lorraine.

She loved the snow.
Fill your days with purpose:
in the same way that the hourglass fills your life with sand.

Sleep deeply at night with
Woolen blankets pulled up to your chin.
Know that you will wake in the morning to do it again.



Entre – Begin
Find yourself, learn to breathe
Position yourself and start to put down roots
Grow, learn, and reach for the heavens if you so choose.

Pick some friends.
Let some pick you.

Strike a balance.

The world is yours
Prepare to experience it.
Meet Lorraine and lose yourself in her curls.


The Autumn of Life

Red, Orange, Gold
The canopy trees are showing off again.
The air is crisp
Like the creases on your new trousers
The pleats of her skirt

When Lorraine turns her head and laughs
You see her joy and wonder. Visible as
rising puffs of vapor
tangled in her curls.
Ephemeral, Fleeting, Momentary

Breathe deeply – take it all in – remember the moment.