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Aches and Pains

  1. Well, there you are then
  2. Come here child
  3. It is sometimes vital to be misunderstood

Lisa opened her eyes just a slit, squinting against the bright sunlight and wishing she had a bottle of aspirin. She ached and turned her head away from the window. Another restless night spent in the recliner. Too many pains to climb the stairs; to crawl into bed, so she had settled for what had seemed easiest.

A soft noise drew her attention and she looked up to see a young girl, maybe six or seven years of age standing in the doorway. Gradually, Lisa gained focus and recognized it was Lucinda, her granddaughter.

Of course it was. Who else would it be? Still struggling with her eyes Lisa held out her arms to her granddaughter.

“Come here child.”

The girl put her right hand up to her chin and cast her eyes downward. Tentatively, she stepped forward; one step, then another. Lisa spread her arms a bit wider and Lucinda ran the rest of the way and hugged her grandmother around the neck – the pain began to lessen.

I’m out of time. This took the full 25 minutes to write, and then I went back and fixed things that my spell checker had flagged. I’m not sure how long that took.


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