The Edge of the Door

Thanks Norm – This is a great venue

I haven’t seen all the submissions to Thursday Doors but in the ones I’ve seen, I’ve never seen doors on edge. Thought I’d give it a go.

The Edge of the Door
The Edge of the Door

Looking from the den into the dining room with the soft morning light streaming through the windows from the east.

12 thoughts on “The Edge of the Door

    1. That’s a “high desert doorway” I took that in NM. Interestingly, I did not edit this shot at all. The colours, the framing, everything; the whole shebang is exactly the way that the camera saw it.

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    1. I think that this is true of virtually anything that we choose to photograph, draw, paint, or write. Our vantage point and/or our perspective can affect the finished product in ways that can be difficult to imagine.
      Thanks Jean.

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    1. Ha, ha. I’ve got a lot of rising to do to even aspire to reach the coattails of some of the photographers who play on Thursday’s around here. Thanks for the nice sentiments too.

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