OLWG#66- In Roswell, Trading with the Aliens for Oddly Coloured Banknotes

Practice makes Perfect and the title of this was designed to discourage preconceived ideas that readers might have as a result of my less imaginative titling.

Written for OLWG#66

Rupert turned the radio down and grumbled as he sat at the red light and took the call from Angie on his cell phone.

“Hey, Hon,” he said, “’Sup?” He grinned, then to himself. Angie could always cheer him up no matter how shitty his work day had been.

“Rup? Are you already on the road?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m waiting at the light on 17th, why?”

“Frank just called. He and Donny are sitting at ‘The Clubhouse’ and just remembered that it’s your birthday. They want to buy you a drink? You should stop off and oblige ‘em, but don’t be too late. I’ve got cake here.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Nah, it’s your birthday. Go hang out with your buddies.”

“Maybe you could come by and join us.”

“I would love to hang out with you and your drunk Army buddies, but no, I wanna take a shower before dinner.”

“OK, I shouldn’t be too long.”

Rupert pressed the ‘END’ button as the light changed. At the next corner, he took a left and backtracked the couple of blocks required to his favourite dive bar, ‘The Clubhouse’. He parked in the lot before pushing through the rear door into the gloom of the bar. He slowed his pace to let his eyes adjust to the dark.

He made his way down the passage, past the toilets and emerged into the bar area, barely having time to note that the place was crowded before…


He surveyed the room and spotted Frank, his elbow on the bar, with a glass of beer in his hand. He was speaking to Rupert’s mom with his head leaning down by her ear.

What, Mom?


There was Angie, talking to Donny. He saw friends from work, friends from school, and friends he hadn’t seen for years.

This is my birthday! Angie did this!


He made his way over to her, “Look what you did. All my favourite people are here. You can really keep a secret. I didn’t have a clue.”

“Well, that was the idea, Rupert. That was the idea. Try not to drink too much tonight. I’m saving my present for later when we’re alone.” She raised up on her toes and gave him a peck on the cheek. She handed him a pint glass filled with a dark liquid, “Here’s a pint of Porter to get you started.”

This week’s prompts were:

  1. you won’t be able to tell anyone else
  2. well, that was the idea
  3. all my favourite people



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