07 December 2013

victoriansansalpha 760x100

I’ve been traveling and crushed for time but I got back in the swing of it all today.  The group all (and I do mean all) brought their “A game” today.  Lots of truly wonderful work.  Here’s mine.

The prompts are:
1. There’s a place between 2 strands of trees where the grass grows uphill.
2. Poser
3. It’s only going to give you a big head.

Begin writing
I remember a bit more today but still not much.  I remember the girl.

Her long dark hair and her full lips.  I remember her as long and lean, posing in the window so that she could be seen from the street.  She turned away from the glass and looked at me as I raised the bottle to drink.

“Try this instead,” she whispered, and put a small piece of paper on my tongue.  It quickly dissolved.

She was beautiful, sultry, so I stepped back and watched her.  She stood still in the window smiling back at me from time to time.  Her eyes were bright and captivating.  I could not avert my gaze.  Looking deep into them was blinding – like looking at the sun.

She started to move ever so slightly.  Swaying to a rhythm that only she could hear.  Time slowed down, then sped up.  The world moved by in high speed. Time lapse.  She moved slowly and slightly. Sultry.  I realized I was thirsty and raised my bottle to drink.  Empty.  How did that happen?

I don’t remember much else but, I remember the girl.
Time is up. Put down your writing implements and step away from the paper


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