The Bee

Chimera 66 #16 Kickoff


Cathy Frady and Lincoln Styles stood side by side on the stage. All eyes were on them.

From beyond the footlights they heard Mr. Peterson, “Catharsis – ‘The physical activity of the game, was catharsis for them’ – Catharsis.”

Lincoln cleared his throat, “Catharsis – C,A,T,H,A,R,S,Y,S – Catharsis.”

“I’m sorry… To you, Ms. Frady?”

“Catharsis – C,A,T,H,A,R,S,I,S – Catharsis.”


A hush fell on the auditorium. Then Mr. Peterson’s voice intoned, “otorhinolaryngological…”


8 thoughts on “The Bee

    1. Do you know how many years I have been trying to use otorhinolaryngological in a sentence. I feel like this was kinda cheating though.


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