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Tuesday Scribes – Yeah, ‘Cept

Dialogue for this week’s prompt at Tuesday Scribes.

“Look, it’s easy. You just pucker up and blow. Ta-da!  Bubbles appear.”


“And, if you want you can pop ‘em with your finger, like this see.”

“Umm, yeah ‘cept.”

“‘Cept what, man? It’s fun. Don’tcha wanna play?”

“Yeah ‘cept, I just peed.”

“Here? Aww man really? I guess that can happen. It’s no sweat, brother. Just roll back into the fountain; pretend you fell in. You’ll get all wet and no one will notice you peed.”

“Still share your wand with me? Still let me play?”

“’Course I will.”

The Challenge – Write a Dialogue Only Story

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OLWG#65- More of The Micro-Poetry That I Love So Much

Practice makes Perfect

Written for OLWG#65

You never know who your friends are until you need someone to lean on.
If she squinted, just so, she could see the truth, see the gleam in his eye.
My editors suggest killing off underdeveloped characters.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. you never know who your friends are
  2. if she squinted, just so,
  3. the underdeveloped characters