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Daily Prompt: Can’t Watch This

Daily Prompt: Can’t Watch This

When was the last time you watched something so scary, cringe-worthy, or unbelievably tacky — in a movie, on TV, or in real life — you had to cover your eyes?


As a pack they moved up the street into town, there were probably about 10 of them and they were definitely hunting. We had heard them first but it wasn’t long before we could smell them too. They weren’t real smart, coming from upwind, but the advance warning had given us time to conceal the kids and get into position. Wanda was atop the hardware store in the middle of town. She had the long gun and plenty of ammunition. Clive was up the Watson’s big Oak tree with the only grenade we had left. Janelle was playing dead with her 9mm tucked in her waistband. I was minding the kids in the basement of the courthouse, armed with a 7 inch butchers knife and a razor sharp cleaver. We watched through one of the narrow barred transom windows to the street.

They’re not very smart, did I mention that already? They are also pretty easy to kill but it’s messy and there are just so many of them. The plan had worked before, it was foolproof. As expected, they walked right by Janelle, assuming she was dead. When they got past she rose up and followed them, silent, behind the pack now. Pausing, they were just a little too far for Clive to lob a grenade so we all waited and held our breath.

They were sniffing, they knew we were here but they weren’t sure where. Then I saw the big one. Coming in on Janelle’s flank so she couldn’t smell him. Shit, they were getting smarter. They had never split up before. Janelle didn’t stand a chance and there was nothing I could do. Wanda couldn’t see him yet, they were all out of Clive’s range. “Get down, kids,” I urged, “You don’t want to see this. Stay here!”

I hurried up the stairs and locked the door behind me. Running into the street, waving my arms and yelling I watched as Janelle got her neck broken, her pistol fell, unused into the dust. The pack saw me and broke into a run. They wanted me bad. I started running towards them, still yelling. It didn’t take long for them to get close enough to the Oak tree. I saw Clive’s grenade fall into the street. It took out all 10 from the pack but the big guy who had been behind was still coming. He veered to go around the dead and when he did, Wanda could see him…

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