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Daily Prompt: Second Opinion

Daily Prompt: Second Opinion

 What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone else’s confirmation?


Monday morning, and I was presenting my concept in the conference room. I’d worked all weekend to finish it up. “Whadda ya think, Mary Ann? It’s perfect right?”

“I don’t know Rog it seems to lack substance. I just don’t know.”

“Never mind. What about you Ed? You like it don’t you?”

“Not really man. I kinda gotta go with Mary Ann on this one.”

“You guys just don’t get it.” I picked it up off the table and went out into the deserted passageway.

I need to find someone who’ll agree with me so I start walking towards the break room. Three people sit glassy eyed at two different tables. Jimmy is there sitting alone and Joan shares a table with Natalie. No one speaks when I stick my head in the door. “Hey guys,” I say, “Can I get your opinion on something?” They all swivel their heads, and look. I hold it up, “Wadda ya think? Pretty good, huh?”

“The colours are all wrong.” Says Natalie, with no hesitation at all.

“The margins are not wide enough.” Joan replies.

Jimmy just shakes his head and stares back down at his coffee cup.

Still no consensus, what do these guys know anyway? I’ll keep looking.

McGuire is coming down the hall. Perfect, I’ll show it to him. He’ll understand. He’s all artsy fartsy. “Hey McGuire can you take a look at something for me. I’d really like your opinion.” I held it up for his examination.

He reached out and took it from me. He studied it for a few seconds and turned it over looking at the other side. “The balance seems off somehow.” You can take it to the boss if you want, but I’d rework it if it was mine.”

“Really McGuire? Really? You’re sure.”

“Hey, it’s just my opinion but that’s what you asked for.” He handed it back and continued down the hall towards engineering.

Maybe I will take it to the boss I thought. She’ll understand. She’ll get it. I headed upstairs.

Lee Ann was in her customary position outside the CEO’s door. “Hi Lee Ann” I said. “Is she in? I need to run something by her.”

“She’s with Marty right now but it shouldn’t be long. You can wait.”

“Whadda ya think, Lee Ann?” I held it up.

Lee Ann squinted at it. She never wore her glasses. “Uhm, that’s interesting Rog. Is that what you want to show her?”

“Yeah, yeah. I think she’ll like it.”

The inner door opened and Marty came out. Clearly having a bad day, he glanced at what I was holding and snarled as he walked by. I pointed towards the door and Lee Ann nodded.

She looked up from the papers on her desk when I entered. “Morning, Roger.” she said.

“Hey, I need your opinion on something.” I told her and held it up.

“Bring it here so I can get a closer look.”

I sat it on her desk and she studied it then turned it around and around.

“This is really good.” She said. “Is this your work?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“I really like it.” She stood and came around the desk to give me a hug. “Take it to marketing and tell them I said to run with it.”

“Thanks Mom, I will.”

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