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The Interview of Merlon Zu’ul


Handleman straightened the nameplate on his desk and studied the wizened visage of Merlon Zu’ul. “You’ve an unusual name, is it European?”

He glanced down at the file he held.

“An old name,” Zu’ul answered.

“And an impressive CV, but we’re looking for financial backgrounds. Advisors to assist our clients grow their wealth and; well frankly, you have a doctorate in Mediaeval Alchemy.”

“Exactly.” Zu’ul intoned.

Second Place in the Chimera 66 #3 Challenge – Thanks again.

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Then Whose?

“Good morning Miss Lilly,” he proffered a card.

“Abner Cluck, Acme Insurance.”

“Do you have adequate protection for your business?”

“The girls are responsible for their own, you say?”

“Sorry, I thought this was your house,
you were the madam in charge.”