Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory; Much More Fun This Way!

Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory

Write your obituary.

This one?

Here lies the body of Ole TN
It weren’t a bullet what done him in
It weren’t the whiskey ‘r fried foods neither
In fact he ain’t dead – just takin’ a breather.

Or maybe:

Here lies the body of poor dead me
Finally gone at a hundred and three
Fiercely to life you know I clung
You also know that the good die young.

Or my favorite:

Here’s the remains of Old TN.
Finally he dipped his pen
And wrote these words…
“The End”

I took some liberties with the prompt today. I changed obituary to epitaph.

Much more fun this way!

Melissa Katz


I woke that morning and could feel her head on my shoulder. Her dark curly hair was covering my face and in my mouth. I brushed it aside and looked to see who shared the bed with me. Lying with me there, in the bed, was none other than Melissa Katz.

Melissa Katz had been the object of my desire since third grade when Mrs. Rearden had seated us alphabetically and she occupied the desk in front of me because Melissa Katz came right before David Kendall. I would stare at her long dark cascading hair and dream while passing her notes to and from Letty Martinez, her best friend, seated behind me. I was new in town and had separated them. So to say that there was some resentment would be an understatement. I had loved her all through school but she would barely say hello to me. I was an extra in the movie that was her life. She was beautiful. She dated athletes, and artists. I was ordinary. I took auto shop and PE.

I searched my memory, had I really slept with Melissa Katz? Where did I meet up with her? Had we done… anything? Did I enjoy it? Did she?

I could feel her body pressed against mine. I lifted the covers to take a peek and she stirred. I dropped them again quickly. She raised her head and looked at me through bleary eyes, “Hi,” she said. “Is it morning?”

I couldn’t speak, I mean… I was in bed with Melissa Katz and I was naked. I simply nodded my head.

“Jesus what a night.” She said and she sat up. My heart jumped to my throat. She was naked too, and not modest either. Something must have happened. Why couldn’t I remember? I needed to remember!

I watched as her eyes looked around my bedroom, taking it in. “Where am I?” she asked, “Is this your house?”

I nodded again.

“Got any coffee?”

I nodded a third time and somehow managed to croak out, “Yeah, I’ve just gotta make it.”

I got out of bed, suddenly shy, and kept my back to her while I pulled on jeans from the night before.

“Hey, do I know you?” she asked. “You look kinda familiar.” She smiled.

My heart melted. It was illogical, but undeniable, Melissa Katz was sitting naked in my bed, smiling. Smiling at me and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Everything was right with the world. Finally I tore myself away and went to the kitchen to fiddle with the Mr. Coffee machine. As I closed the top and pushed the button to start the drip she came in; wearing only one of my dress shirts. She had missed one of the buttons so the front wasn’t sitting right. She was beautiful.

“I remember you now.” She said, “We went to school together.”

“Yeah, from third grade, when my folks moved us to town.”

“Jim…” she said, clapping her hands; then pointing at me, “Your name is Jim.”

I’m truly surprised by this! But, I’m happy and proud – thanks guys!

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