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The Ballad of Penny Rabbit

Alexander Rabbit ducked down the hole and into his mother’s kitchen.

“Look what I got Momma,” he said holding the carrot up so that she could see.

Momma Rabbit looked at her boy. He was holding a large carrot over his head. It was bigger than he was.

Momma put her hand to her breast, her ears popped straight up, and her eyes got wide as saucers, “My god, Alex,” she exclaimed, “where did you get that?”

“Mr. McGregor and another guy dropped it in the clearing. They had lots of them Momma. Lots of them.”

“Where’s McGregor now?”

“Gone Momma; they’re both gone. They took the carrots too, but I got this one.”

“Well wash up, rinse that carrot off real good, and chop it into the stew pot. Then call your sister for dinner.”

Alexander’s shoulders slumped and his ears drooped, just a bit, when she mentioned his sister, “About Penny, Momma.”

“What about Penny, Alex?” his momma asked, “What about Penny, huh?”

Momma could sense bad news coming.

“Uhm, I hate to be the one to have to tell you Momma but; well, Penny…”

“What is it Alex? Tell me please.”

Alex watched helplessly as his mother’s face sagged and her apron began to wrinkle. He saw the tears filling her eyes as she sat down at the kitchen table. He knew that he had to be strong when he broke the news to his mother. She would need him to lean on.

“Penny… Well Penny, she sorta ran off with that hawk. The tough looking one who lives over by the old tree – the lightning struck tree ’bout due east of here.”

Momma Rabbit began doing that thing she does sometimes when she craves attention; flailing her arms about as if she couldn’t see, clearly flustered and confused.

“What are you talking about Alex? He took her?”

“Yes’m he did Momma. Penny told me it was going to happen when we were talking, last night. They’re going to Las Vegas to get married. Eloping.”

Alex fished his pocket square out and handed it to his momma. She dabbed her leaky eyes and blew her nose before she crumpled his kerchief in her hand and stared at her son.

“That’s not all Momma,” Alexander said softly. “You’re going to be a grandmother.”

A tear rolled down her cheek, “A grandma? Me?”

I’m really excited about this one! I had a lot of fun writing it and apparently it was fun to read as well. Thanks!