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Picture Prompt #22


I’m not looking for a ride – I know better

I’m walking on the shoulder, well off the asphalt

Against traffic

I stopped at Patterson’s and got a bouquet for Grandma

Not blossoms, Balloons

Photo Courtesy of The Blog Propellant
Photo Courtesy of The Blog Propellant

It’s her birthday and I’m going to stay the night

I don’t know how old she is

Really old

Well, really old in my mind

Probably not in hers


I’m starting to figure out a few things about age

I consider myself:





I’ll be a teenager soon and then it won’t be long before I can drive to Grandma’s

That’s old, right?

Dad thinks I’m a kid

I think he’s an old man

He doesn’t


Old age and youth are relative concepts

Your perception can vary with your perspective

Your point of reference

Pretty insightful for a kid, huh?

See, I must be old, or at least mature


Not much further to go now

I’ll call dad and let him know I made it, when I get there

I think he’s in Chicago this week

Or maybe it’s Dallas

– another trade show