What Is That Smell?

The elevator was full when the musky young chick squeezed in at six.

No one stared when she shifted all her weight left,

in a classic ‘one cheek sneak’ maneuver.

Expressions stoic, no one heard.

As one, we wrinkled our noses.

I got off at seven.

Another lift will be along soon.

There’s Always an Excuse or an Explanation!

Cubing the Stories #5







I haven’t been writing a lot lately. My agent called, reminding me of an upcoming show in London. It was dark when she called, but moonlight glinted on the shards of glass that lay amongst the flowers, beneath the broken bulb.

One of those numchuck kids had rolled by, wreaking havoc. The one who lives down with his mama in the double wide you passed, when you came in.

I’ve been working on some new pieces for the show.

The kiln is firing now. It’s “Africa Hot” in that kiln.

90 words and maybe 5 cubes, if you stretch it just a bit!

Too much fun. Gracias, April.


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