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OLWG#73- A Legend in His Own Mind

Flash fiction written for OLWG#73

“Have you written anything I may have read?” She flirtatiously grins, and flashes pearly whites

“Well, at the beginning of the year I published something; not sure if you would have read it or not. Do you read children’s books?” He affects pretentious boredom

“Well, yes; I’m a teacher. I read a lot of children’s books. Will I know yours?” Wearing her professional hat

“Well, my most recent book was an alphabet book. I’m told it’s my best work, to date. The opening line is killer: ‘A is for apple.’ Then I follow up with, B is for bicycle and, C is courgette. I did the illustrations myself as well.” Aggrandizing

“Where did the idea come from? What was your inspiration?” Intrigued

“I was sketching and drew a few parallel lines of decreasing lengths. I thought it looked a bit like a xylophone, and the idea grew from there. I eventually refined the sketch and used it for my ‘X’ page.” Minimizing

“Can I get your card? I’ve got a few ideas myself but I’m not sure what to do with them, yet.” Fishing

“I’m working on a sequel now, a counting book.” Still full of himself

This week’s prompts were:

  1. bicycle
  2. xylophone
  3. courgette