TBP Redux 4- A Box in the Attic



“Look, Grandpa, an old pair of ballet slippers.”
“What colour?”
“Silver or pink?”
“Oh, those are mine.”

“Here’s a picture of a lady with a gun.
It looks like that gun over there, leaned against the wall.”
“Better give me that, boy. Don’t tell your Grandma ‘bout it, neither.
What else are you finding in that box?”

“Well, here’s a broken coffee cup, and a book, and there’s this thing.
I don’t know what it is.”

“Oh, you better give me that too; and don’t mention nothing ‘bout that
to your Grandma’ neither.”

This week’s prompt:

Objects in a Box: Write a post about the five things below you/your character find in a box.

  • A framed photo of an unknown woman in a WWII military uniform with 4 medals on her uniform holding a rifle.
  • A very worn pair of pink ballet slippers.
  • A cracked ceramic mug
  • A copy of the novel “Letters from the Earth” by Mark Twain with a handwritten note in an unfamiliar language on the inside cover.
  • A small, strange decorative brass box shaped somewhat like a clover, with a hinged lid and a three-inch panhandle

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

12 thoughts on “TBP Redux 4- A Box in the Attic”

  1. Ah… well the prompts did lead in that direction. I finally posted mine. But it is a haiku series.
    Fiction with some bits of truth mixed in.

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    1. That, dear lady, is the beauty of working with prompts and the more people playing the more obvious it is.The spectrum of stories can be spanned, any character imaginable can be included in the responses. The variety never ceases to amaze me. I like that.

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      1. You might enjoy Carrot Ranch – Every week the folks adding to that enjoyment grows. This month in addition to the weeklies are contests for the Rodeo. I’ve entered the contests, but in one I also did a challenge piece… and the rules were a tad tricky, but I always have fun.

        You might enjoy: Professional Courtesy Implied

        Some of the folks who participate have their own weekly prompts. But I’ve tried to narrow it down to do the ones I really like. I’m passing this week on one of the regulars I do – it had to do with rhyme words and I’m not fond of forced rhyme and I didn’t particularly like the list provided.

        I always leave links to the prompts if I use any… if you ever wanted to follow more bread crumbs 😉

        I had no idea about women who served in WWII – so that was fun to look up. And I didn’t know about Twain, that book or his losses either.

        I’d gone to a dinner theater to see “The Million Dollar Quartette” and learned that some of those musicians featured had some hard times too. And that Elvis Presley had a twin brother who died at birth. Amazing the things we don’t know.

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