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It’s a Circus Out There

Laying my finger tips on the keys I wait for inspiration to descend – trying to channel brilliance from the ether to the screen

My hands are poised Waiting to act solely as a conduit for someone else’s thoughts, and words

Someone more eloquent, more articulate than I

My muse, in the M3, is muted; making camp on the Murphy-bed




Her heels dug in, headstrong and hardened

She doesn’t know that I can see her as She peers sadistically out from the wide angle lens of the Leica on the mattress, and I smile

She’s enjoying this

Tormenting me

12 thoughts on “It’s a Circus Out There

  1. TNK’s Muse: “Oh, good you’re looking at me. Now I can get shots of your pretty face and not the back of your boring head.”

    Snap goes the lens; she lowers the camera, keeping her eyes steady on her prey, and slowly cranks the film forward. Raising the camera back up, she snaps another frame, lowers it and cranks the film forward again. TNK does not move from his chair in front of his computer; does not stop looking at her. She adjusts her position on the Murphy Bed, slowly leaning forward, closer, raises her camera to take another shot. He does not drop his gaze. He leans forward with an outstretched hand toward the corner of the bed….

    POP! SWOOSH! Thud! TNK’s Muse lets out a yelp and a scream as the Murphy Bed flips into its upright position, trapping her inside. TNK turns back to his computer, ignoring the muffled screams and curses.

    “So, you did decide to install that spring-loaded switch after all,” TNK’s computer said.

    TNK nodded. “Yeah. A little Petruchio to her Katherina. Now, where were we…”

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  2. I love what you did with these prompts! The elusive muse, never there when you need her, but come 3am, there she is, knocking on your brain. Wonderful piece! 🙂

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