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Una Oda al Toro

Blogging U.

Love it or hate it as you will
The sport of gladiators and kings
Blood and artistry is what it brings

The crowd buys their tickets to see El Toro killed
Boletos de sol, for Grandpa
Entender, los costos de sombra

The dance is mapped out and performed for the crowd
The matadors’ cool, calm, proud
Picadores on horseback taunt and stab
Banderilleros use darts simply to jab
A clean kill’s the crown, the end of the day
Then the horses come drag Brave Toro away.



6 thoughts on “Una Oda al Toro

  1. Even before I was officially a bleeding heart liberal tree hugger, I hated bull fighting. All those people and animals ganging up seemed utterly unsporting and I was never sorry when the matador got gored. He deserved it.

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    1. One of my many inspirations for this Ode was a memory of a high school English assignment where we were to write about our favorite sport. Being the contrarian, that I always have been, I chose to write about bullfighting. I chose it because I knew no one else would. Then I had to scramble to learn something about it in order to write and present my paper. The details that you read here are what I remember about that research project and paper from so many years ago.


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