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Daily Prompt; Tourist

Daily Prompt; Tourist

I arrived some time ago
not a tourist, no
my pockets hold no local currency
I cannot speak the language

as if I am mute

I roam the streets
In circles, I am sure
I see the same buildings
time and again
I am lost

I place my hat upside down when I rest;
collect a few coins

I was told my people were here
that this was the Promised Land
I would be welcomed
and it would be easy to assimilate

not so far

it was terrible back home
it is as terrible here
did I make the right choice?
will I find my own?

should I go back?
should I take my chances?

it’s beginning to get cold


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Tourist

  1. I love that last line. It anchors the whole thing for me. It left me feeling lonely and at the same time, I felt the independent responsibility one has for their own warmth and safety.

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