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Gargleblaster: What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

“Conn, Sonar: Target bearing zero seven zero, speed fourteen, course zero three zero”

“Conn, ESM: Single contact, designated Echo-1, Navigation”

“ESM, Conn: Aye, I have a visual bearing zero seven zero. Fire Control, do you have a solution?”


Enlisted Submarine Dolphins


20 thoughts on “Gargleblaster: What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    1. Thanks for sharing that. There is not a lot of airplay here for songs that are not in English. I miss a lot as a result.
      Submarines were indeed the inspiration for this week’s submission to the supergrid. Hope you liked it.


  1. I like how the resolution is understood, even though it isn’t stated. I also love how the word “click” functions as a visual break, and also an auditory break when read. (I’m not sure if that explains it correctly- it’s late!)

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  2. Immediate thoughts of ‘Hunt for Red October’ sprang to mind when reading this (in Sean Connery’s voice!) Loved that last line ‘click’.

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  3. You are so good at sticking the landing! I envy that. One powerful “click” says it all. Great job, Thom.


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