Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

 Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?


“Mirror, mirror on the wall.” Jeanette said as she wiped the steam from the glass and leaned in close pursing her lips at her reflection.  She quickly spun and looked at Amy in the chair behind her.  “What do you think, Amy?” she asked.  “Who is more beautiful now, you or me?”

There was no reply.  “What’s the matter Amy?  Cat got your tongue?”  She laughed.

Jeanette walked a wide berth around her friend and picked up clothes from the corner.  As she began pulling them on slowly, she looked at the back of her friend’s head “I love the water pressure in your shower.  Not wimpy, like at my house.  My mom is such a stickler about the environment and conserving resources.”

Amy was still silent, staring at her lap.  The ropes kept her from falling to the floor but had done nothing to staunch the flow of blood from her neck.  Jeanette had done this before.  She knew that it was best to disrobe before doing the wet work.  The work was quick and easy.  Tie them in the chair, grab their hair at the front of their head, pull their head back and run the knife from ear to ear.  It was really easy.  But the blood, OMG, the blood went everywhere.  She had ruined her favorite white blouse the first time and had been lucky to get home without someone noticing.

This was better.  Leaving her clothes across the room ensured nothing on her outfit and a quick shower ensured nothing on her either.  “Bye, bye Amy, got to run.” She said and blew a kiss to the corpse of her friend.  “I’ll say Hi to Todd for you.  I think there may be a chance of him asking me to the Prom now instead of you.  What do you think?”  She pulled the bedroom door shut behind her, pushed her hair back and went out the front door.  Amy’s parents wouldn’t be home for hours.


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