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7.May.16 Prompts


  • Just a very thin gold leaf
  • A bird came down the walk
  • At the back of the shelf

Daniel fled from the store in tears.
He was mad.
He was angry.
He was ashamed.
The nerve of that checker.
The nerve of that manager.
The nerve of his friends and neighbors,
in line behind him.

Everyone knew, everyone knew.

How many years had he shopped here?
His card is declined once.
They wouldn’t let him have his groceries.
They kept his card.
They took his dignity too.
No one stepped up from in line behind him,
he could feel them laughing; back there in line behind him.

He bolted from the market in tears.

Back home, he tore through his front door, seeing nothing but red.
He ran down the hall to the bedroom.
He searched under the bed. Where was it?
He scoured his dresser drawers.
He found the shoe box in his closet,
at the back of the shelf.
Inside, his father’s old pistol,
and six bullets in a sandwich bag.

Tears were still falling
when he pushed open his door
and started walking back to the store.

Thanks, Jim for keeping me in the loop hope you don’t mind if I play from afar!

2 thoughts on “7.May.16 Prompts

    1. No, I know this kind of thing happens. I watch TV, read the news and interact with people. Simple things can set folks off. Simple things that in the big picture are really meaningless.
      Scary though!


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